Life Insurance

Life insurance for Air Force Association members.
Term Life Insurance icon

Graded Term Life Insurance

Help protect your family with our most basic term life coverage, which auto-renews to age 85 without additional underwriting. The Family Plan adds protection for your spouse and children at a special combined rate.

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10-Year Term Insurance icon

10-Year Level Term Life Insurance

Lock in rates that are guaranteed not to change for the first 10 years of coverage. Request up to $500,000 in member coverage, renewable to age 75. Spouse coverage available at 50% of the member’s coverage.

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Decreasing Term Insurance icon

Decreasing Term Life Insurance

With premiums that never change for the life of the policy, Decreasing Term Life Insurance is a valuable option for young families or members whose need for life insurance coverage decreases as they age.

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Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

This coverage provides a valuable way to help protect your family. It provides benefits when an insured person suffers full or partial loss of a limb; loss of vision, speech or hearing; or dies as a result of an accident.

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Senior Whole Life Insurance icon

Senior Whole Life Insurance

This guaranteed-acceptance policy allows members ages 45 to 85 add up to $25,000 in permanent life insurance without a medical exam. Premiums are fixed – they never increase as you age – and your benefits never decrease.

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